Thursday, November 18, 2010

Should I hunt this location?

I had a friend the other day ask me if he should hunt in his buddy's hunting spot. Its private land and both hunters have permission. The friend had the kindness to ask his hunting buddy for the set up and I thought that was respectful. I also told my friend that out of respect he shouldn't even ask for that permission especially if the other hunter was going to hunt that same location that afternoon. I myself want a fresh set up when I go out to the stand. I don't want to be in area that has been ran all over by other hunters or ATVs. I believe that if you know that good bucks are in your area you need to stick to that area. You don't want to burn that stand up everyday but you should hunt that core area. Play the wind as they say. If he is around chances are you will get an opportunity at that certain buck. I believe hunting has ethics just as golf or any other sport and hunters should use hunting ethics because they (hunters)represent the hunting community and or sportsman. I hope that he has the respect to stay out of his fellow hunters area. The other hunter can't say a word to him for hunting in his area but I would like to be a fly on the wall when that friend of mine tells his hunting buddy that he killed the giant that he has been after the whole deer season. He will be happy for him and his successful hunt but at the same time he will be killed inside.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Show Respect

This weekend will be the opening of the 2010 Kentucky rifle season and everything is getting right. If you hunt property where other hunters will be, remember to show respect to your fellow hunter. Don't get greedy and place your stand in another hunters comfort zone (like 160 yards across a field from you). This action shows what type of hunter you are. Not only is it wrong, it can be dangerous. You never know what can happen. People get excited and everything they know about hunter safety and gun safety goes away. Make sure that you personally thank the land owner for allowing you to hunt there. I have even helped out with farm work or bought the owner a gift of some sort. A simple thank you can go a long way also. If you see that some one has left a gate open or has trashed the property up make sure you go the extra mile and make things right. Let the owner know whats going on because it only takes one bad hunter to blow it for everyone. Be a safe hunter and show respect to everyone you come across in the woods it will pay off even if your in-law has placed a stand across the field from you. Keep in mind that hunting is a sport, hobby or maybe a passion for some hunters. So, don't blow another hunters day by being ignorant!!!!