Saturday, September 18, 2010

Deer Hunt Cut Short

I got up around 4:00 this morning grabbed the PSE and the blind and headed out to a corner that sat on the Cumberland River. My good friend Andy Biggerstaff and his family owns this farm. Its open river bottoms with fingers of oak trees running parallel with the river. Great looking farm for deer hunting. I had a great set up. I sat between the river and a feeding area. I got the double bull sat up in place and hunting partner and I got camera and bow ready to see what my come out of the river bottoms for something to eat or drink. About 15 minutes of setting in the dark and noticing how bad the fog was going to get I hear something way out in front of us. There was a good thick fog on. We could see about 40-60 yards out. Then I see it. Shining like new money were the Head Lights of a Truck! I was about to freak out. I told my friend that I wouldn't get to mean with them but I would let them know how they blew our set up and to get there rears off my property. The damage had already been done we can't change that. I have to admit that if those "poachers" had shot a round off and got within 60+ yards from me I was going to see how close I could get to the radiator or tires. It is illegal to cast rays of light across a field. Even headlights of a car or truck. This was a major problem in our area several years ago. I sure didn't want them firing one off in our direction. Lucky they turned off from our direction a few hundred yards away. Rule of thumb, if you think for a split second that someone could be hunting in this area or if the farm don't belong to you go somewhere else. Great morning shot down hard. I wasn't in the blind no time. I guess you could say it was one of my shortest hunts. I am going down to the River Breeze Cabin this weekend to do some hunting maybe fishing. I know for a fact that no body will be back in there riding around. Its mountain goat country. I plan on putting one of my G5 broad heads though something.

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