Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sowing Seeds

Here in Southern Kentucky most of the land that I hunt is very hilly. Everywhere is a hill and valley. So its hard to plant food plots for the wild life but I have found the solution to bring turkeys in and stay awhile. About 2 months before turkey season starts I am "Sowing Seeds" everywhere I hunt. The seeds that I throw out are wheat seeds. I go through the woods throwing hand fulls of seeds everywhere. Once the thunder chickens find the seeds it is show time. The forest floor will look as if someone dragged a rake across it. It is amazing what a flock of turkeys can do to the ground. I can't guarantee this will fill your tag but I can guarantee that it will increase your odds of harvesting a bird. Before one does this you need to check the laws and regulations for your state. It may be illegal to bait wildlife in some states but in Kentucky you can bait turkeys until one month before the season opens and all bait must be eaten. You can not hunt a freshly baited area that's why I start months in advance. Try this the next time you prepare for a hunt it can make things very interesting.

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  1. Jonathan I am also from Kentucky it seems that I have been having problems bagging my first thunder chicken. I sling a lot seeds before season starts but i'm having trouble keeping my birds in my area. Also i'm having trouble calling in birds relatively new to the turkey game i'm a novice caller at best. My recent strategies have been to spot the birds and chase them like the indians would do...any suggestions?