Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Deer Decoying

If you never have used a deer decoy while bow hunting you have no idea what your missing. It is far out! Deer are so curious about another deer that they haven't seen before. One October morning I used my decoy as a doe on the edge of a timber line that joined a river bottom that is planted in corn. I saw 4 does come out of the woods at 400 yards away. As they walked out of the woods one of the does saw the decoy and started heading my way. They were kind of cautious at first but they all walked right up to the decoy checking it out from top to bottom. Some even licked it. I could have shot any of those deer but I was so amazed about the very close encounters I just enjoyed the show. I wouldn't had a chance that morning if I didn't have that decoy out. Here are a few things that I do when I use a decoy. Remember to be safe. Use a hunters orange bag to pack decoy in and out of the field. Make sure its legal to use one in your state first. I have heard of some states that allowed the use of a decoy but not allowing a decoy to have any moving parts. Don't need a ticket! I recommend that you place the decoy about 20 yards away from your stand or blind. If you have it as a doe decoy have the decoy facing away from you. Why you ask? Most bucks will approach a doe from its rear. This should give you a broad side shot as the buck travels in between you and the doe. Makes since don't it. Maybe not every time but most of the time they will. A doe will approach a doe decoy head on most of the time. I would rather go for the buck approach but you be the judge. Don't fore get about scent control! Make sure after you set the decoy up spray it down with scent killer. I recommend Dead Down Wind it works great! Also place some Mike's Magic Scent doe estrus urine on the decoys rear. I have seen some hunters place some white cloth or tissue to the rear of the decoy so that the wind will make the decoy more life like as if she where twitching her tail. When the rut comes around I'm just trying to place the decoy with in shooting distance of my 25-06. I hunt alot of open river bottoms. Their are a lot of decoys on the market but I use the Carry Lite Decoy. Its easy to set up and pack in and out of the field. Try this "up in your face" tactic this upcoming bow season it could make a dull slow morning change into a close encounter.

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