Monday, August 2, 2010

Be Thankful

Today I went to the mail box like I do everyday and to my surprise I got a hand written letter from PSE. I had sent of my information for the warranty. They were thanking me for purchasing there product. I sat there thinking to myself I have shot many bows and none of them ever thanked me for it. It feels good when some one appreciates you don't it. That action alone gained a lot of my respect. I might be old fashion but a simple "Thank You" will go a long way. I hope that everyone who hunts this great country is thankful no matter how big the beard is or how many points it might have. If you hunt on private property let the owner know how thankful you are. Offer some of the meat or help with some farm work. In the end, PSE will always have my support because they are a company that is thankful. I hope that we all are thankful.

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