Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lets get ready

Here in southern Kentucky its just plain hot and dry. Which is normal for this time of year but I will not let that keep me inside. Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming bow season. I have already been out and about moving stands, scouting and placing deer bait out. I have found that apples,pears,salt and corn are great feeds for deer. A lot of hunters that I know wait later on in the year to do this but I feel that the earlier the better. I want the deer to find these feeds way before the season starts which should increase my odds. Here is a tip that I use while out in the field preparing for the upcoming season. Mesquitos,Ticks and Chiggers are nasty little suckers that we have to fight through the woods. I use differnt types of sprays but I have found that by tying a small piece of cloth around my boots soaked in gas or diesel will keep the chiggers and ticks off. The only bad thing by doing this is that you leave an odor in the you hunting area but I will take my chances. Turkey mites are nasty little creaturs that you don't want. I will start watching my scent more closer as hunting season gets closer. I also start shooting my bow as soon as I get it but in past years I am shooting everyday. I place myself in every kind of hunting situation that I can think of. I practice shooting at different angles, sitting down, twisted around and even off the roof. I try to prepare myself for anything because you never know what is going to happen. I haven't had too many hunts that went by the book so its better to be prepared for anything. If your a competitve hunter/shooter like myself I will have another hunter to come by to shoot some. I will break my back to keep from being out done no matter what it is. I will try harder if some one is shooting with me. Practice makes perfect so I encourage every hunter to start preparing as soon as they can. Just make sure look out for the critters that go along with hunting.

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