Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tough season?

Well, another spring turkey season has come and gone. We had an article in our local paper stating how this 2010 season was going to be the best due to the high number of two year old birds in our state. I will say this, I don't have the first clue of the total number of turkeys that was harvested in Kentucky. I do know that it wasn't the best for me! The first week of hunting had me second guessing everything I did. I had more birds to hang up me, fly down from the roost and gooble away from me and my personal favorite "calling contests" between each other. I had a bird gobbling his head off the whole time while on the roost. After he flew down to the edge of the wood line he would not step out into the field for nothing. He stood there 5 yards inside the woods for 45 minutes gobbling and waiting for my decoys to come running to his side. He finally came out and walked across the open ridge straight into the woods. I finally got the turkey "gods" to shine on me. I harvested a turkey in the second week of the season. I got back on this open ridge with woods in each side so I sat in the wood line and hit a mouth call. Nothing! I grabed my box call and gave it a hit. BOOM! BOOM! Game on! He came in to my right in full strut. I had a limb that was between us so I had to wait for him to pass the limb and when he did he received major head trama from my 3 1/2" mag. I stepped off the shot which turned out to be 10 steps. It was a hunt that I live for. There is nothing any better than a mature tom coming in strutting, drumming and gobbling. Just putting on a show that you called in. The turkey weighed 23 pounds with a 10.5" Beard and 1 1/4" Spurs. A few a days after that turkey hunting became impossible. We were hit with cooler weather, thunder storms, 30+- mph winds and Flooding. In my neck of the woods we got 12 inches of rain in less than two day! Even though it was a tough season I am thankful that I did get to harvest a bird. I know several hunters ate 2 tags compared to my one. If you have any questions about the recipe that was used for my second tag feel free to email me your questions. Maybe we can share "Turkey Tag Receipes." I will say this. I saved my second tag until I got my camera issues in order. When I got my camera back in hand I hit the woods. I sat out for a couple of days just because I had no camera and I wanted to get a hunt on film. Well, lets gather up our fishing gear and start shooting our bows. Its the only thing left to do!

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